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YL Philippines Among Abing

To all our dear friends and supporters,

Throughout more than 5 decades of Young Life in the Philippines, many stories have been told, shored, and heard about how the Lord has changed the lives of countless kids all over the country.

These stories have been inspiring, and have been brief glimpses of hope for many. The type of hope Christ’s love can bring even in the darkest of times. We have seen it in the many stories we had shared during the pandemic, and we personally believe continuing this would benefit more and more people.

So for this week, and for the coming weeks, we would like to ask YOU for stories that you would like to share. Stories about your walk with Christ, stories about revelations He has brought to your life, stories about how you have grown in your relationship with him. Any story you feel is worth telling, is worth sharing to others.

Next week, and for the coming weeks, we will be putting a section below that would allow you, our newsletter subscribers, to enter your personal Jesus stories for us to share in our future issues of Among Abing.

These stories will not only be an avenue for us to take a peek at your life, but it would undoubtedly inspire others to hold fast to Christ and continue on their walk with Him.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories, dear friends and supporters.


From all of us,

Your Young Life Philippines Family

Our Work is Not in Vain

by: Glorivic Gabutan


1 Corinthians 15:58

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”


When I worked in a carenderia (roadside kitchenette) as one of the cooks, every day was long, hot, tiring, and required sustained effort. I had to stand almost all day to do the job. My boss had a very high standard, and he would rant every day.

We work at our earthly jobs in order to have earthly comfort, home, food, transportation, etc. We need these for our physical, worldly existence. But we need to ask ourselves the question, “How much of my time and energy am I devoting to my spiritual well-being? Am I so tired and frustrated at the end of the day, that I have no time or energy left for God and His glory?”

We rush to our jobs each day, where we spend long hours and tremendous amounts of energy. And we ask ourselves: what is our reward? A paycheck? Promotion? Deep satisfaction? Is the reward worth the amount of time and energy I’ve spent?

In 1 Corinthians 15:58 are words of encouragement for all of us involved in God’s work. To be steadfast and immovable means to stand strong in our faith and commitment to our work for the Lord.

What is the Lord’s work? It’s every time we pray for another person, give our time to share God’s love with the children around us, share our energy and resources with others, and give God glory for His grace and His mercy.

Verse 58 says, “Your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” Vain means empty acts that result in nothing, fruitless, pointless, and having no purpose. However, our labor for the Lord, no matter how difficult and wearisome, will never be without meaning or value. God is not unjust; He will not forget our work and the love we have shown to Him.

The Lord’s work is never in vain because Jesus rose from the grave. Everything we do in His name gives glory and honor to Him who died and rose again, giving us the promise of eternal life. That is the reward for our labor in God’s vineyard! Whatever we do for the kingdom of God, our labor is not in vain. God has promised to reward us for our efforts. That reward may come in this life; but if not, our reward will definitely be waiting for us in eternity.


Dear Lord,

Help us not to lose heart when trials and problems come into our lives. Whatever we do, may it please and glorify You. Let not our hearts be troubled. You will reward us for our efforts in eternity.

In Jesus’ name,



Michael Jorge Polca | Sep 26 | Volunteer Leader, YL Kabankalan

Aljoe Delgado | Sep 26 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Northsyd

Mc Lorenz Pamalaran | Sep 28 | Volunteer Leader, YL Cebu-North

Rafael Tayactac
| Sep 29 | Volunteer Leader, YL Bacolod Southsyd

Michael Catarina | Sep 29 | Volunteer Staff, YL Cebu-Central

Lynmaegin Jimenez | Oct 01 | Volunteer Leader, YL San Carlos


Please pray for strength and knowledge as I tackle school tasks and day-to-day decisions in life, safety during my daily travels, and healing for all those who are experiencing illnesses.


Please pray that I would persevere with my studies, that my family would continue to have good health, and that whole world would have peace and would heal.


May the Lord grant good health to all, especially to my family, may He allow our entrepreneurship business project to be a success, and may he keep all my loved ones safe.  


I pray that my family would be safe and in good health, that we would be strong and guided in spite of all the negative stuff going on, and that I would be able to join all the upcoming major YL activities.


Please pray for my mom and siblings’ safety, for my studies, and for my daily guidance and financial provisions.


Please help me pray that I may have more courage to study and may God bless me with knowledge and wisdom as I take the Licensure Examination this September.


Please pray for the people around me to learn to love themselves and see the small blessings and miracles given to them every day that they may have overlooked due to our fast-paced lives, and that we may we all learn to love.


Please pray for the safety and health of my family, that I would be able to get a job, and that I would be able to pass the board exam.


Please pray for the fast recovery of my brother Lyndon, as he got into an accident and had broken a finger. Also, please pray that we our salary would be released soon, and that my family would continue to be safe.


Please pray for peace of mind and for the safety of my kids.


Hopefully, Lord-willing, we would be able to have a baby this year.


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