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Leverage Camp Is Coming!

Our long-awaited Leverage Camp is BACK! Unlike our other camps, This once-a-year discipleship program is designed to give participants a deeper, more insightful camping experience.

Leverage campers have to be 16 years old and older to join, and would need the approval of their local YL area staff. So if you or anyone you know is interested, make sure to contact your local YL area staff. You can find their contact details here ( or you can email us at [email protected].

Slots are LIMITED for this unique YL camping adventure! Sign up for Leverage Camp today!

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Camp Rebuilding Update!

Early this year, Young Life Philippines launched a wide-scale fundraiser to rebuild the ministry's beloved campsite, Camp Eliezer, after it was severely damaged by Super typhoon Odette.

Thanks to the generous hearts of all the donors, and the hardworking hands of the hired laborers, Camp Eliezer's Mess Hall is looking to be rebuilt and fully-functioning before 2022 ends.

Please continue to pray as the work continues over the next few months and as we prepare to open our gates to campers eager to experience the best week of their lives!

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All Staff Strategic Planning

The YL Philippines All Staff Strategic Planning from May 26 to 29, 2022 had everyone working until the early morning to beat the deadline. Most of our sleeping brain cells were woken up and stretched to their limit. But then again, a Young Life meetings wont be a YoungLife meeting without the food, laughter and lots of story-telling. "It's been a while", has become an inside joke now that we have said our goodbyes to lockdowns and started saying our hellos to gathering together again.

The workshops may have been intense but they have provided us a better picture of the whole ministry—where we have been, where we are currently at and where we are going. And in spite of all the bad that is happening around the world, God is still gracious. We are overwhelmed with gratefulness to the growing ministry that He has called us to be a part of. Despite the odds we will continue to expand! Together as a team, with God in the lead, we go forward!

A huge thanks to Dr. Noel Yasi, Chad Cervantes and Robbie Yasi for the teaching time! It has indeed, been a while.

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Raise the Roof Project Final Update

To all our dear friends and supporters:

These past few weeks have been eye-opening for all of us here in the Philippines. Not only did we see the immense amount of help our fellow countrymen need, but we were also shocked by what we could do to the community if we put our hearts, minds, and resources to it.

Hearing about the damage caused by the super typhoon was shocking and saddening at the same time. It didn't take long before most of us grew numb to the numbers. However, what remains undiscussed and ignored is how those affected are recovering emotionally and mentally from this disaster.

For the past weeks, we’ve experienced storms, fires, dehydration, and darkness everywhere—and most affected are the ones who don’t even have very much to begin with.

So for the weeks since the Raise the Roof project was in full swing, we’ve turned our focus to ensuring we aid families beyond rebuilding their houses. We made it our mission to help these families rebuild their HOMES.

We listened, counseled, and provided essential goods. And although we weren’t able to provide fully furnished houses for them, we were able to provide them with ears that listen and shoulders to lean on.

As we wrap up our Raise the Roof project, we would like to assure each and every one of our supporters that our mission toward recovery will not end.

The ministry’s mission is to reach out to kids and provide them with an honest introduction to Jesus Christ—and what better way to introduce Christ to kids than by emulating His compassion and reaching out to those who need help the most?

So we give thanks to you, our dear friends. Your generous hearts have been instrumental in helping all of us recover. Your unwavering support has further encouraged us to keep fighting the good fight. We may not be together physically, but rest assured, your love and kindness have been felt by so many.

We made this special thank video for you, please click the link

We are excited to face 2022, dear friends. And we hope you are as well. For with Christ in our vessel, we can smile at any storm.

May God bless you! Mabuhay!

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