Special Program


This program aids high schools that lack facilities and faculty members that can teach Values Education to their students. This is brought about by the stark lack of capable teachers that have been trained to teach Values-centered classes, and the overwhelming workload faced by the few Guidance Counselors in the Public School system.

During SAVE sessions, Young Life Staff and Volunteers take the role of being the students’ Values Education teacher, follow a set curriculum and facilitate in-class activities in order to further ground the points being made during the class.

The in-class program is heavily fashioned after a regular club but is modified to fit a classroom-like structure.


In light of the current inability for YL areas to conduct gatherings and club meetings, the staff of YL Philippines has come up with a program to continue fostering and nurturing the established relationships made during the months prior to the lockdown. Beyond the online club livestreams and the Tiktok challenges, YL Staff all over the Philippines have been visiting the different households of their contacts, dropping off vital food supplies and provisions, as well as briefly catching up with them.

These visits are brief (for safety reasons), yet are extremely impactful to the lives of these kids. As they continue to be deprived of much-needed socialization, a mere visit of their local YL Staff and Volunteer Leaders can send the powerful message that they are being thought of, and that they indeed matter.



A school-focused program that aims to share abstinence-grounded Sex Education to the different public schools throughout the country. Based off of the program designed by Christian group of the same name, TLW aims to establish a platform for the ministry to share the sanctity of sex and marriage to the many confused teenagers across all the different YL areas.

Since the program started, thousands of TLW seminars and counseling sessions have been conducted in numerous schools throughout the different districts YL has been in touch with.

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