Katrina Frances Yasi

Area Director
Young Life Cebu-North

#About Me

Katrina Frances “Kaykay” Yasi joined the YL Staff Team in 2011. She currently serves as the Area Director for YL Cebu-North and is also handling the country’s Developing Global Leaders (DGL) program. Kaykay is in fact, the first DGL graduate for YL Philippines and is also a licensed Professional Teacher.



University of San Carlos
Bachelor of Education Major in Special Education


13 years as a staff member of Young Life Philippines.

#Trainings & Seminars

Our staff are fully equipped to face the challenges that come with handling a ministry. As proof, here are some of their earned licenses and training experiences:

i100 (YL International Training) - 2022
Training the Trainers - 2022
Emerging Leaders - 2021
Leadership 1 and 2 - 2021
Licensed Insurance Agent - 2021
Counseling on Depression Seminar (Webinar) - 2020
Biblical Theology - 2016
Advance Counseling Seminar - 2012
New Staff Training - 2012
Katakus - 2011
Licensed Professional Teachers - 2011
Christian Counseling Seminar - 2010
Sign Language Training - 2009
Basic Counseling Seminar - 2008
Basic Self Defense under Special Education - 2008
First Aid Certification Training - 2006
How has Young Life impacted you as a staff member?

• Young Life has been God's instrument for me to take big and daring leaps in life. Being an Area Director made me realize that there is so much more to learn about myself, about this world, about the people in it, and about my true purpose and responsibility in this temporary place. It taught me to go beyond what I thought was my capacity and calling because I realized that I was not just called, but I am chosen—chosen to be in this amazing team. This is certainly a very magical place to be. The big and daring leaps are all worth it, and will always be worth it.

How has Young Life impacted your community?

• Young Life has been very helpful in all 5 communities under Cebu-North. We offered real friendship and quality time to locals alongside different programs that help teenagers live better lives. The activities/events/programs offered are always rooted in introducing the life and love of Jesus Christ. We try our best to follow it up with consistent visits/communication so that we all grow together in our relationship with the Lord. All these are given for free, and as much as they are blessed with what we do, we are more blessed with the genuine friendship built and the changes that were made within each other's lives.

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