All Staff Strategic Planning

The YL Philippines All Staff Strategic Planning from May 26 to 29, 2022 had everyone working until the early morning to beat the deadline. Most of our sleeping brain cells were woken up and stretched to their limit. But then again, a Young Life meetings wont be a YoungLife meeting without the food, laughter and lots of story-telling. "It's been a while", has become an inside joke now that we have said our goodbyes to lockdowns and started saying our hellos to gathering together again.

The workshops may have been intense but they have provided us a better picture of the whole ministry—where we have been, where we are currently at and where we are going. And in spite of all the bad that is happening around the world, God is still gracious. We are overwhelmed with gratefulness to the growing ministry that He has called us to be a part of. Despite the odds we will continue to expand! Together as a team, with God in the lead, we go forward!

A huge thanks to Dr. Noel Yasi, Chad Cervantes and Robbie Yasi for the teaching time! It has indeed, been a while.

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